Bleed Someone Dry

Bleed Someone Dry

Bleed Someone Dry began their legacy in 2007 releasing the debut album “The World is Falling in Tragedy” through UK’s indie label UK Division .

In May 2012 BSD found their dimension with the current line-up, delivering a new style of core, through a heavy and distorted sound, matched with distressful and harsh vocals, influenced by contemporary Mathcore and Deathcore sounds.

During September 2012 BSD signed a deal with “Kreative Klan” to release the album “Subjects”.

Furthermore a few months later BSD finalized a booking deal with the English agency “Nazgul” and started to play shows around Europe. In Early 2014 BSD started a strong and productive cooperation with producer Christian Donaldson, known also for being Cryptopsy’s guitarist and producer of many killer bands such as “The agonist”, “Beneath the massacre”, “Obey the brave” and many more.

Thanks to the new single “It’s a secret”, the album Subjects was reissued by the Italian label WormHoleDeath, all this enabling BSD to be booked for a Russian tour in May 2014 supporting the U.S. band “I declare war”.

BSD then started a collaboration with KCKS Management&Promotion to boost live activities; surely to remember are supporting shows for “The Algorithm”, “Upon a Burning Dody”, “Xibalba”, “Uneven Structure”, “The Secret” and participation in festivals such “Exit Festival”, “Dissonance Festival” and “Summercore Festival”.

2015 is the year, the year to reach the goal and BSD are now ready to release the third album “Post Mortem | Veritas” through the Italian label “Fire Was Born”. The album enriches the already strong cooperation between the band, Donaldson and MathLab Recording Studio. The album includes two international guest such as Cj McMahon of “Thy Art is Murder” & Luca T. Mai of “Zu” and “Mombu” which made BSD very proud, giving the album an extra boost towards international fame and visibility.


Revolt  (2003)
The World Is Falling in Tragedy  (2007)
Subjects (2013)
Post Mortem Veritas (2015)