Supersuckers, video di ‘Holdin’ The Bag’

Il 12/06/2017, di .

Supersuckers, video di ‘Holdin’ The Bag’

I Supersuckers hanno pubblicato il video di ‘Holdin’ The Bag’, brano contenuto nell’omonimo album pubblicato per SPV Records.

Tracklist di ‘Holdin’ The Bag’:
01. Holdin’ the bag
02. This Life… With You (feat. Hayes Carll)
03. High and Outside
04. Man On A Mission
05. I Can’t Cry (feat. Lydia Loveless)
06. Let’s Bounce
07. I Do What I Can
08. Jibber-Jabber
09. That’s How It Gets Done
10. Shimmy and Shake
11. All My Rowdy Friends
12. Georgia On A Fast Train


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