Cradle of Filth, le dichiarazioni di Dani Filth su Stuart Anstis

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Cradle of Filth, le dichiarazioni di Dani Filth su Stuart Anstis

A seguito della notizia della scomparsa di Stuart Anstis ex chitarrista dei Cradle Of Filth, il leader e singer della band Dani Filth, ha rilasciato la seguente dichiarazione che vi riportiamo testualmente:

‘It is with a deeply saddened heart that I have heard of the passing of my former guitarist Stuart Anstis at 48. Stuart -despite our eventual differences- was an amazingly talented guitarist who brought a real sense of magick to everything he wrote in Cradle Of Filth.’

‘For a long time he and I were bestest of friends living in a small village here in Suffolk and despite that relationship eventually changing, it did nothing to diminish the fan’s appreciation of his creative flair and talent right up to the present day.’

”Vempire’, ‘Dusk… and Her Embrace’ (though written mostly by former members, Stuart played all the guitars on this album), ‘Cruelty And The Beast’ and ‘From the Cradle To Enslave’ would have been completely different creatures if it were not for the depth of his astute and deliciously dark musicianship. It truly is with a heavy sense of loss that we (and extreme music in general) bid farewell to Stuart.

‘May sombre flights of ravens wing you to your grave mate.
Rest In Phallustein.
Dani Filth,
Midian, 2022 e.h.’

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